Casual entry to Gym on Grimshaw 24/7

Casual entry to Gym on Grimshaw 24/7

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Thanks for participating in Gym on Grimshaw 24/7 casual entry. Bundoora's old school gym experience available 24/7.

Casual entry to Gym on Grimshaw 24/7 is available 6:00am-9:00pm 7 days a week.

Before training at Gym on Grimshaw 24/7 during unstaffed hours for the first time please fill out these two forms

Please also text through your drivers licence or ID to 0438361449.

Call 94669666 when out the front of the gym to gain entry into the gym. You will also have to call 94669666 when leaving so we can open the doors remotely for you.

Once we have the ID and paperwork it doesn't have to be completed again and the next time you use the system you will purchase the pass and simply call 94669666 to gain access.

Please check in using the QR code each time you gain access for public records.

Our emergency system consists of the panic buttons located 1) Next to reception at the front of the gym and 2) next to the side of the mirrors above the leg press.

Please make yourself familiar with the panic buttons and don't hesitate to press should an emergency situation arise. You are recommended to wear the panic button as a necklace should you be the only one in the gym.

Please spray down all equipment after use and use the hand sanitisers. CCTV is monitored for everyone's safety.

Hope you have a great session.

Kind regards,


Gym on Grimshaw 24/7
Shop 7/445 Grimshaw street Bundoora 3083

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